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January 1 - 2, 2013

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Welcome to Our Event Schedule. Please use the appropriate links above to navigate this site.

Currently there is a maximum limit of 2 game(s) per hour allowed.
(This limit may be revised at any time by the Event Organizers to allow further population of the schedule)

Organizer(s) Webmaster
Darksider CopperPenny
Darksider CopperPenny
~~Deja Who~~
~~Deja Who~~
Darksider CopperPenny
Darksider CopperPenny

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Rockin New Years 2013 - Prizes & Vendo Items

1st Place

!st Poison's Rockin Guitar
2nd Place

2nd Elvis Presley Panda
3rd Place

3rd New Years Resolutions Chest
4th Place

4th Groupie Gossip 2013


I'm Trashed!

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